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Print Media (Graphics Work)

Graphics Work

I can provide high quality media designs for print purposes.


Freelance work is $35 per hour.

Sample Graphical Design


Year: 2015

Left: A brochure for a fictional robotics company.

Right: A brochure for Gary’s Workshop.

Both brochures were custom built from a blank page. Although other brochures may have similar design features, these designs are unique. No professional business should seek to brand themselves as home made word flyers, or free online templates.

Proposed Dog Town Logo

Poster for Seoul MI Ball

Year: 2015

Using pictures from previous MI Balls, this poster was made as a concept poster for the 2015 MI Ball, in Seoul Korea.

Note: One model's face is pixelated, due to no model release and name tapes blacked out for privacy.

Poster showing people attending the M.I. Ball in Seoul, Korea.

Print Ad for a Community Business Flyer

Year: 2018

Half page at 98x105mm

Technical illustration of a tire.

Happy New Years Graphic

Year: 2015

New Years Graphic