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Digital Photography

I am not a freelance photographer: no weddings, no family photos, etc. I am an enthusiast photographer that provides additional photographic support to clients that lack professional quality images. Therefore, if you need some product photos, exterior business photos, or personnel photos, this is something I can do.


Freelance work is $35 per hour.

The total fee will included travel time, image processing time, and total time on location.

Business and 360 Photography

ScreenPro, LLC

image of outside of building - pre-photo editing

Original image: Washed out, lost sky, sun flare in image, and distored.

image of outside of building - post-photo editing

Photoshop processed: Corrected color, restored sky, removed flare, corrected distortion.


Above images: This exterior shot was a rushed last-minute shot, hence it had a number of issues. The images show the before and after editing results. In post-processing, the image was corrected to reveal a warm and inviting image of ScreenPro's exterior.

Below Image: 360 shot of the ScreenPro's show room and reception.

Taken: July 2017, Layton Utah

Cutting Edge Tree Professionals, LLC

image of outside of building - pre-photo editing

The arborist sits high up in the tree, laughing at a joke, before climbing a little higher to remove the selected branch.

image of outside of building - pre-photo editing

The final cut for taking down the tree. The three closest to the camera are using a rope to ensure it falls in a safe path.


I had called to have a tree removed that was starting to show signs of rot that were clearly visible in the mammoth branch that had broken off a couple weeks prior. Luckily, it missed the fence, the shed, neighbor’s shed, and the other neighbor’s kid playset.

These images document the removal of the tree and the crew sent by Cutting Edge Tree Professionals.

Taken: June 2017, Layton Utah

image of outside of building - pre-photo editing

Although, the property was not kind for taking a wide-angle photo, you can see the tree was rather large.

Note: Neither Morstern, LLC or its owner have any association with the above businesses, beyond a customer/service relationship.

Other Photography


Fire Department training - 2015. Seoul Korea

Child at play - 2012. Hannom-Dong, Seoul, Korea

Martial Arts Demo - 2014. Seoul, Korea

PImage of fireman pulling out water line.
Child holding a piece of snow and having fun.
Woman holding Korean sword.


Yellow Stone National Park - 2016. USA

Old Barn - 2016, Montanna, USA

Rainbow - 2016, Montanna, USA

Image of river running in a small valley.
Image of an old dilapidated barn.
Rainbow framed behind two trees.


Bird - 2014. Seoul Zoo, Korea

Elephant - 2013. Seoul Zoo, Korea

(African Cow?) - 2013. Seoul Zoo, Korea

Bird sitting on a rope.
Elephant wading in pond.
Longhorn african cow