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Fillable PDFs

A fillable form is a business investment. Bad forms can make your business look homemade.

That is why it is important that your business forms represent your business in a professional manner. You may have noticed the disadvantages with word processor forms already. Many of these forms vary in how they look and print. Some reasons for this are program versions differences, computer fonts, and other nuances.

Example of fillable PDF with calendar date selector.


Freelance work is $35 per hour.

Simple PDF forms that only require a conversion from a compatible file format are charged a 50-dollar processing fee. Designs, like the example form on this page, run around 150 for the design and 25-dollars per page.

Anything more complex than a straight forward PDF form will run $35 per hour. For instance, if you want 3 drafts and multiple revision that run 10 hours, then the design will run 350. Need 20 hours? Then 700 for the design, etc.

A Word Document Converted to a PDF

The Original Word Document

Below is an example form that was sent to me. I have marked some issues that can be seen on the form. Were the errors caused by different version of MS Word? Was it because my operating system was different? Was the form designed that way?

image of a form with rendering issues.

Conversion to PDF

I formatted the main sections into bordered areas. The changes cleaned up the page and allowed for a consistent look on all systems. The pale blue areas show the fillable portions.

image of a form with rendering issues.

In Print View

Below is the same section of form in print view. You can see the lines remain on the form, so that it can be easily filled out by hand if needed.

image of a form with rendering issues.