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Standards compliant HTML and CSS so that you can expect consistent results across all major browsers. When needed, I'll add specific coding to aid a non-standards compliant browser. Outdated browsers are not supported after they fall below 2% market share, unless specifically asked for by a client.

Client Side

JavaScript ads client side functionality to enable interactivity with the user. The below examples illustrate a few ways that this is achieved. These can be used to manipulate images on a site, like the carousel to altering graphical data and adjusting figures.


This revolves around server-side coding. PHP functions handle data on the server and can communicate with the MySQL database to manipulate data in nearly any way imaginable. This is used to handle log-ins, data retrieval, displaying data, and processing uploads. The most commonly used functions that a site owner would use based on server-side coding it a content management system, for updating the site.

Code Examples

JavaScript Carousel

2017 E-Bikes
<strong>Dirt-E+ 2 LTD-B // </strong> 2.399,90€ <strong>Full-E+ 1 LTD-B // </strong>4.499,90€ <strong>Full-E+ 0 SX // </strong>6.799,90€ <strong>Dirt-E+ 1-A // </strong>2.899,90€ <strong>Full-E+ 1 LTD-A // </strong><strong></strong>4.499,90€ <strong>Full-E+ 2 Power // </strong> 3.599,90€
carabuttonl carabuttonlr

Note: Links have been disabled.
The above is an example of JavaScript code that displays a group of images. When links are enabled, clicking on the images takes you to the product's page. One can rotate through the items, click on a desired product, and see update to the price in the bottom bar.

SVG and JavaScript Graph


The above graph displays mortgage data based on months, interest and loan amount.



Cost of Home:

Annual Interest:

Term in Years:

Monthly Payment:


HTML 5 Logo

Sites are designed with standards in mind. This allows for consistent results across all major browsers. There are times when a specific web browser does not support a standard. In these cases, the goal is to aim for the best alternative possible for that browser. If a browser has less than 5% market share, then no additional efforts will be put towards that browser.

For example, CSS3 gradient only works in IE 10 or above. IE 9 has been less than 1% market share for all of 2016. Therefore a background will just have a solid color in IE9, but display as a gradient in current browsers.

Primary Skills (Listed for potential customers looking to fill a specific requirement.)

JavaScript and jQuery
Apache Server
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat (PDFs)